Is it ok to wash air filter?

Air filters are usually replaced every 15,000 miles, but cleaning between replacements can improve the performance of your car. If you've noticed a decrease in mileage per gallon or acceleration, try vacuuming and gently cleaning the air filter. It could be just what your car needs. Start by filling a clean bucket with water and a small amount of laundry detergent.

Immerse the filter in the water and rotate it with your hands to aggravate dirt and dust from the filter material. Then remove it from the water and shake off the excess, before rinsing it under running water. Air filter replacement is a part of the recommended maintenance for every car. It's not something you can just ignore, since the more dirt accumulates on the filter, the less efficiently it will do its job.

For extra freshness after cleaning the air filter, use Simoniz Air Con Sanitiser disinfectant to eliminate stubborn odors and restore the fragrance of your new car. If the air filter requires more thorough cleaning, fill the sink or a large bucket with a mixture of equal parts of hot water and distilled white vinegar. In addition to HVAC and air conditioning units, Victor also specializes in furnace repair and air duct cleaning. If the air filter is fitted into an outer housing, remove it using basic hand tools, such as a screwdriver and wrench, and set it aside.

Cleaning an air filter with water takes much longer, especially if you take into account the drying time, but you get excellent results. Your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system keeps the air in your home clean by trapping dust, pollen, germs and other contaminants, but all of those particles have to go somewhere. You may need to clean your air filter more often if you live in a rural area, where there is usually more dirt and dust on the road. Finally, dry it with paper towels and allow it to air dry before reinstalling it, as moisture in the filter can cause mold and mildew.

Learning how to clean an air conditioner filter or oven filter is a key part of regular maintenance that can keep the system running smoothly and avoid a costly breakdown. You should also be aware that disposable air filters (which are normally placed in a cardboard frame) should not generally be cleaned and should be replaced when they become dirty. For more information on how to replace an air filter, talk to an expert expert at your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store. Before you begin, turn off the HVAC unit to prevent unfiltered air from circulating around the house as you clean.

If you experience any of the above and can't figure out what's wrong with you, don't forget to check the air filter. Learning how to clean an air conditioner filter can help you save energy and manage the workload of your air conditioner. Filters prevent dust, dirt and debris from entering the engine through the air intake pipe, and should be cleaned fairly regularly to maintain engine performance and efficiency. When cleaning your car's air filter, it's important to use a cleaner that completely removes dirt and debris without petroleum-based chemicals, which can damage or dissolve filter materials.

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