Do performance air filters do anything?

The numbers are small and you probably won't feel the extra power. If you've ever been to an auto parts store, you've probably seen air filter boxes that claim more power and more torque than the factory filter. Yes, aftermarket high-performance air filters work. But don't expect that suddenly lots of extra ponies will appear when you crush the accelerator.

Watch the video above for more information. They will also improve your performance. If the engine gets more air, then it can work better. A question that is often asked by skeptics is whether conical air filters actually work and the simple answer is yes.

In fact, the best sports air filters can increase your power by 3 to 5 HP and also increase your torque. More air equals more power, and oversized K%26N high flow filters will allow greater airflow. While replacing only the OEM air filter with a K%26N high flow filter will add power and increase acceleration, the biggest gains come from installing a complete cold air intake system. To properly clean a K%26N filter, you will need pressure cleaning of K%26N and after cleaning the filter will need to be greased.

In effect, this means that an engine requires almost fifteen times more air than fuel for efficient combustion, which emphasizes the importance of providing a high volume of air through an intake system. There is a variety to choose from, especially when it comes to sports or high-performance air filters for cars. To solve these challenges, K%26N offers the cold air intake system designed to offer air a shorter path through thicker and shorter pipes. While the new and dirty OEM filters were nearly identical in their sprints (9.01 seconds from 20-60 mph and 3.61 seconds from 45-60 mph), aftermarket air filters improved that performance.

The colder air outside the engine compartment is denser than the warm air inside the engine compartment, which is heated by internal combustion of the engine and other moving mechanisms that create frictional heat. Air filters are one of the easiest and fastest components to change for a spare part, and many companies claim that their design will increase power, torque and improve acceleration. There are a variety of filter cleaning kits available online that come with specific cleaners to use on your sports filter, as well as an oil to apply afterwards to make it work as good as possible. A factory air intake typically supplies warm air to the cylinders, while K%26N high-performance air intake systems are designed to provide a smooth and unobstructed path for the air stream, keeping the air stream cooler and denser in oxygen.

Most disposable paper filters create a lot of airflow restriction, as the openings in the filter media have to be extremely small to filter efficiently, which slows down airflow. The filter element may be simply paper, but it is often made of cellular foam and is designed to draw more air from colder places than the factory air filter, thus keeping the engine cooler and helping to achieve optimal performance. This cold air is denser and therefore burns better, further improving the performance of your engine. Fuel economy improves because high-performance air filters draw air from outside the engine compartment, where the air is colder.

Cars rely on a mixture of air and fuel to fuel the engine and the cleaner the air, the better it is for the engine. Maintaining the proper air-fuel ratio (AFR) is critical to engine performance and relates to the amount of air versus the amount of fuel used by an engine for combustion. .

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